Frequently Asked Questions

AmbassadHer is a network that empowers hundreds of thousands of women (and some men, too) to influence the perception of brands online and offline by doing nothing more than being authentic and doing things they do everyday. Stop spending money on things you can get for free (plus extra cash) just by doing your thing and living your best life.

We have over 100 opportunities at any given time and the average reward value is over $60, so there are plenty of chances to earn cash and products you need or want! We GUARANTEE that we have offers that you are qualified for on our site, Sign Up for free today and see for yourself!

Every offer on our site is opt-in only so you are always in control of the offers you would like to apply to. As a member, you’ll earn free products and cash by doing activities like:

  • Offering honest feedback on products, apps or services
  • Completing surveys and providing market research
  • Going into stores to purchase products
  • Being gifted products and posting on social media

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